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The Marketing Consultant

Welcome to Plexis Strategy which is a newly established marketing consultancy.  The firm represents Ruvimbo Munyavi who is a marketing consultant.  My specialty is improving clients’ bottom lines by introducing them to new ways of thinking.  Currently I am focused on Zimbabwe but I will take opportunities as a marketing consultant from other countries and regions as well.  In the formative years as Plexis explores the market I will be the only contact person in the firm.  I am employed elsewhere and will be a marketing consultant part time.  My thinking is that many firms leave income on the table as a result of how they operate.  I will plug these gaps for my clients and introduce them to new methods that will improve their bottom line. Click on the link and reach out to me now so we can discuss the possibilities.

Who Is Plexis Strategy

Plexis Strategy will strive to improve its clients’ bottom line by introducing them to various marketing practices which will give them a competitive advantage over their rivals.  My philosophy is based on two pillars namely ‘Art’ which talks to my creative abilities and ‘Science’ which covers the use, by Plexis Strategy, of marketing principles.
At Plexis Strategy I believe in delivering real and tangible value for my clients.  Many a time people sign up for a service and do not get the desired results.  I intend to challenge myself and my clients in that area by setting targets and striving to reach them be it customer satisfaction levels, financial targets and operational efficiency among others.  I believe that if initiatives do not lead to positive change that is measurable then they are not worth pursuing, or paying for.
As my client you will only be made to pay for results, and not initiatives.  Plexis Strategy will be willing to receive remuneration based on performance using a payment method that will be discussed with you, the client.  I will discuss with the you on the best possible way forward and agree on the terms of our operations.  I promise to not enter into contracts where I believe that I will not be able to assist as a result of lack of the required expertise or because of other factors that will be involved in a particular situation.
In Plexis Strategy’s formative period I will be operating on a part time basis.  This will not deter Plexis Strategy from delivering on projects.  However this will, of course, depend on the flexibility of the client in terms of operating times and time lines.  To offset this ‘disadvantage’ Plexis Strategy will also be flexible when negotiating and working with the client.  I will also work harder in order to leave you, the client, satisfied.

Core Competencies

Diagnostic Information Gathering – 85
Analytical Thinking – 93
Strategic Thinking – 88
Results Orientation – 97

Here Are Some Of The Cool Companies That I’v Worked With

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