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My Services

Below you will find brief overviews of the services that I provide.  The descriptions below serve to give you an idea of how I approach strategy in business.  Contact me here so that we can get the ball rolling or call on +263773402526 (WhatsApp available)

Plexis Strategy’s 5 As Approach

My approach to consultancy is based on the fact that a consultant should be involved in the client firm’s activities in one way or another.  It is only when the consultant is involved that he can make the right diagnosis and prescribe the right strategies.  Kindly go through Plexis Strategy’s 5 As approach below:

I will adjust so as to become accustomed to your organisation’s environment.  This will ensure a successful integration into the existing system enabling me to settle in.

It will be important to be involved in some work related activities.  The level at which this will be done will depend on the task at hand.  This exercise will ensure that a relevant diagnosis will be made.

Your work processes will be examined methodically and in detail in order to interpret and explain them.  This excercise will lead to the identification of pain points that will then be earmarked for improvement.
The next step would be to make the changes that will need to be made in order to achieve the desired results.  The scale of the changes will depend on the state of affairs and the desired results.
The benefits of the changes that will have been made will be realised over time and as such it is imperative that control measures be put in place to ensure continuity.  I will leave behind a system that will ensure that this will be done.

Why Choose Plexis Strategy

  • Relevant experience in a number of fields producing good results
  • A new approach to business in the Zimbabwean market
  • Incentive based pricing to ensure value for money
  • Practical solutions that address the real situation on the ground

Say Something About Plexis Strategy

Plexis Strategy’s business model is based on an ‘outside-in’ approach were the customer is seen as a king and your opinion is the most important.  So go ahead, tell me what you think about the service

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