5 Signs That You Are Going To Waste Your Time At The ZITF 2016

Ladies and gentlemen!  How are you?  I'm great so let's get into the business of the week.  The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) 2016 is upon us and some of you are going to attend I am sure.  I have never been to the ZITF business exhibition.  The reason is because I do not have [...]

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Census Results Should Affect Your Marketing Strategy

Hi guys!  People like to sell, companies like to sell but we do not sell to ghosts now do we?  We sell to people and people are different, and they like different things.  Since people like different things you have to segment the market and target specific customers.  The question is do you know the [...]

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The McKinsey 7s Framework At Starbucks Shows Strategy Isn’t Everything

Why Strategy Is Not Enough Hello guys.  How are you?  I am fine.  Strategy is a driving force in a company but there are other factors that you consider in order to attain results.  Previous articles touch on some of the aspects we are discussing today.  In that case let's not dwell on them.  The [...]

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Strategic Alliances – An Escape Route For Zimbabwean Companies

Hey.  How are you?  I'm dandy!  Before I talk about strategic alliances let's a take a moment of silence to reflect on some of the reasons why some Zimbabwean companies fail. Poor management Insufficient capital Location Lack of planning Over expansion (The Herald, 2012) You can find some more reasons here in an article that [...]

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Is Your Corporate Culture Suitable For Marketing?

Hi guys! How are you? I am fine thank you.  So, enough about my financial master plan, the one that will take me to the top.  This week we are going to talk about corporate culture.  I hear this term being thrown around a lot.  I am sure that you have come across managers and chief [...]

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How I Assess The Growth Of My Startups Using A Strategic Plan (Part B)

Hey guys!  I hope you are fine, for I am great.  Last week we took a look at Plexis Strategy and concluded that while its mission is noble it will not get me where I want in life in its current form, at least in the targeted time frame.   I highlighted the fact that [...]

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How I Assess The Growth Of My Startups Using A Strategic Plan (Part A)

Hey guys!  I hope you are great, I am fine.  People always like to ask me what I get down to business wise outside my day job.  Well in this article you will get a good idea of what I do.  I have certain goals in my life, and most of them involve having a [...]

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Pitfalls Of Not Defining Your Business Correctly In The Strategic Plan

Hey guys!  I hope you are well for I am great.  The last time out we talked about how you should write a mission statement for your strategic plan.  We showed how this is critical as you can demotivate your employees by writing a mission statement which is not on point.  This week we will [...]

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How You Should Write A Mission Statement For Your Strategic Plan

Hey guys!  I hope you captured some good insights in the last series that just ended.  We ended the series with a discussion on the Marketing Information System and demonstrated that the best information will make you perform better in business.  Starting this week we will be looking at some pointers on how Zimbabwean companies should use [...]

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Concepts That You Might Miss In Your Marketing Strategy For 2016 – Marketing Information System

Hey guys!  How are you finding the series thus far?  I hope it has been good.  I hope that you managed to respond to the questionnaire when we talked about the Marketing Control System and that as a result you have a good idea of how effective (or not) your marketing strategy will be in [...]

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